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God is irrelevant

One possible use for God I can think of outside of what you mentioned is to serve as a source of the otherwise seemingly unnecessary consciousness, if one believes in dualism.

What are examples of perennial discoveries?
Answer by YitzMay 28, 20202

purported “cures” for autism, depression, anxiety, and ADHD have been crossing my newsfeed practically every day for decades now, without any significant practical advancement for any of those.

Beyond the Reach of God

It’s interesting that you say that a Good God wouldn’t destroy a soul, as one of the biggest issues I’m currently finding myself having with Orthodox Judaism is that according to the Talmud at least, there have been a number of historical cases of souls being completely destroyed, which seems rather incompatible with the rest of Orthodox Jewish morality....I don’t know about the Christian or Muslim God, but they do both seem to believe that some people burn in hell forever, which is arguably worse than simply not existing. I really don’t get how this isn’t discussed more often in conventional theism...

What was your reasoning for deciding to have 'your own'/ natural-birthed children?

The same, I’d think—most people would rather exist in an overpopulated world than not exist at all, so it would still be morally worth it, in my opinion. Many of my friends are the grandchildren of holocaust survivors, who had children while stuck in the objectively terrible and overcrowded post-war camps, and I am glad they did have children despite the horror surrounding them, and the uncertainty of if their children would ever escape it.

What was your reasoning for deciding to have 'your own'/ natural-birthed children?

I do not yet have any children (as I’m 19 years old, unmarried, and I do not believe myself to be nearly mature enough yet for such responsibility), but I do plan to have kids one day. My ethical reasoning for this is that I believe that for the vast majority of humans, we find it better on the whole to exist than to not exist, proof of that being that most of us don’t wish to commit suicide (for the most part), even in extremely trying situations. Even if the world were falling apart (which admittedly it sometimes feels like it is), most of us would still fight to stay alive, because we value our own existence, and the existence of others. As such, I see it as a strong moral positive to bring more people into existence, and having biological children is an excellent way to go about doing that.

What is your internet search methodology ?
Answer by YitzMay 26, 20201

There are many different reasons to be searching something online, but when specifically searching to find the answer to some specific question I have, in general I tend to search in two different patterns—searching with keywords based on how I expect other people to ask the question I want answered (which will likely return results sourced from discussion boards, Quora, etc.), or searching with keywords based on how I’d expect someone to talk about the topic if writing a personal blog post or something. In general, the latter tends to use industry-specific wording, and either assumes deep familiarity with the topic or none at all, which can be hard to read through, while the former tends to use more generalized wording, which can sometimes make it harder to find what I’m looking for, but is also normally from users with a similar knowledge base, which can make the solution easier to understand.

Chapter 46: Humanism, Pt 4

I've been binge-reading this series for the past few days, and I must say, I don't think I've ever read a fanfic as good as this one before. I have absolutely no idea where this is about to go, and am on the edge of my seat right now (metaphorically speaking)!