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Sunday August 9, 1pm (PDT) — talks by elityre, jacobjacob, Ruby

I've been thinking myself "oh dear, how on Earth will I not drop the standard compared to Eli and Lionhearted??" <sweat bead emoji>

No pressure, but I expect for each of us our talks would be well-received.

How do you organise your reading?
Answer by RubyAug 08, 20202

LessWrong now has bookmarks (triple-dot or on hover-preview), albeit without any lists currently. I find a bit nicer than using Pocket or Chrome bookmarks.

Tags Discussion/Talk Thread

Yeah, there's also Willpower in that cluster too. I think I want a good meta-cluster for that whole bundle but haven't thought of what it'd be called. There's overlap between each, but also some differentiation, so I'm not sure, would be interested in proposals for how to carve up and tag that space.

Oh, and Motivation(s). However, that tag has grown kind of huge and I haven't got to thinking about what it really should be,

Tags Discussion/Talk Thread

Yes, "neglected-o-meter" is a good way of putting it. The idea was a bit tricky to convey, I guess I didn't have it super well-articulated in my own head.

The idea was that:

  • Tag grades identify tags in need of work.
  • For each grade, there's a set of standard things to do to improve them. (This seemed better than individually marking tags as "needs more posts" or "needs better description")

And also additionally that tags reflect absolute quality as well, such that if you only want the best tags, you can filter for that. I didn't realize that what I'd consider A-Grade for an obscure topic with limited content would be different for a major topic where there's lot to be said. Another difference is how fundamental and introductory a topic is, where topics that a person is early on in someone's LW journey need extra polish.

Now that people are writing more tag descriptions, the gaps in the system are coming out. I've felt somewhat that I should give any tag that seems to meet the criteria a grade, but then in some cases there's still more I'd want. This might be solved by making the criteria better and clearer.

I apologize for the confusion. We're about to go on team retreat, but when we get back maybe taggers in this thread and the LW team can refine the system/schema.

Thanks for your patience.

Tags Discussion/Talk Thread

I've felt like I've wanted a tag for "Confusions" and I guess by extension one about "Deconfusions"? "Deconfusioning?"

I'm really not sure, but I think there's a broader thing here that should a be a (the?) tag.  Something about the broader phenomenon of getting deconfused, of which "dissolving the question" is an instance.

Of the three things listed tough, definitely Dissolving the Question.

Tags Discussion/Talk Thread

I'm glad you asked!

I feel a bit uncomfortable with "piling on tags" (maybe the phrase more than what you're actually suggesting). I think it's because when I've seen authors apply lots of tags to their own posts (I'm assuming the motivation), half the tags seem like a stretch and the posts were low karma/quality (less true of yours, but it's an association now in my mind).

That said, I do think 4-5 tags can be reasonable, and more posts might hit that or more as we have more tags and people do more tagging. I'm mostly responding to the phrasing "piling on for easy visibility". The heuristics Kaj and Multicore suggest feel right to me.

If the relevance is really there, it's good to tag.

Tags Discussion/Talk Thread

I see the argument. I do think that people downvoting in order to maintain the tag are much more likely to have read the text vs people adding the tag.

But I predict the largest effect is most people don't look at descriptions they don't recognize and therefore don't look at the tag at all, which is a shame because I think a lot of people are interested in the topic. Gut feeling is a 2-5x reduction in how much the tag gets looked at with the unfamiliar name, and I think that matters.

PS: I don't want to make the decision here, I have enough tagging decisions to make already, so I'm leaving it up to others even though I'm offering some thoughts.

Tags Discussion/Talk Thread

Raemon surfaces some other reasoning (paraphrased):

Contention: all fictions posts should be tagged Fiction

  • We don't want to see every chapter of HPMOR on the Fiction tag, but it is useful to have every chapter of HPMOR have a link to the Fiction tag.
  • On the Fiction tag we can solve having a gazillion posts with relevance ordering. The first chapter in things should get upvoted and later chapters can languish at the bottom of the list and that'll be fine.

That makes sense to me? What do people think?

Thanks and sincere sorry to Gyrodiot who didn't skip a beat in executing the previous norm.

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