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Wrist Issues

Another potentially important difference is that when I play piano my hands move side to side as I play (the keyboard is very wide) which might spread things out some? Since I work standing up I could try typing while stepping left and right...

Wrist Issues

I taught myself to both type and play piano and my technique isn't actually all that different. In both cases I'm careful to keep my wrist totally straight.

My best guess is that when I play piano I find it very relaxing, and this has some sort of effect on how tense my wrists are?

English Bread Regulations

These actually seem pretty different to me. In the case of mandating stale bread during the famine, they still wanted consumption, but they wanted to make it less attractive. In the case of the lake, they're trying to make it unattractive enough to stop "consumption".

(Reading more, it looks like the quarry was also died black in 2013 and 2016, and they're dying it because the water is caustic:

Wrist Issues

I've tried each of those, and I don't feel like any of them helped though it's hard to tell. I think maybe stretches made it worse?

Baking is Not a Ritual

I did use an acid to stabilize the aquafaba the most recent time I did it, and while I got a better foam it still collapsed in the oven.

That recipe looks similar to what I tried but isn't exactly the same, so I may try it at some point, thanks!

Baking is Not a Ritual

In general this is also how I think about baking. One thing I struggle with, though, is understanding the role of ingredients. For example, I've been trying to figure out how to make vegan Choux pastry. When I replaced the eggs with aquafaba, I can get a great foam and it pipes out great. But the eggs also seem to have some kind of structural role, and my dough collapses to a flat sheet on the baking tray. How would you go about figuring out what role eggs play in the recipe?

Are there cookbooks that look at the world this way?

Bag-Drying Clips

I remember having bad experiences with that, not sure why. Maybe it was that the wet surface would stick to things and the shared surface wouldn't dry?

English Bread Regulations

They're the same regulation. It has the form "when wheat costs X, farthing bread should weigh Y" for many values of X

What work of fiction explore increased transparency in the world?

David Brin's "Kiln People" is set in a highly transparent world, and I think it started me thinking about how I shouldn't trust the future to keep anything private

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