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Why isn’t assassination/sabotage more common?

Even psychopaths are risk-averse. Why take on the physical risk of performing assassination or sabotage when you can take on a much lower risk (for similar reward) via white-collar crime.

The Stopped Clock Problem

I think your understanding is generally correct. The failure case I see is where people say "this problem was really really really hard, instead of one point, I'm going to award one thousand correctness points to everyone who predicted it", and then end up surprised that most of those people still turn out to be cranks.

Open & Welcome Thread - June 2020

I saw this "stopped clock" assumption catching a bunch of people with COVID-19, so I wrote a quick post on why it seems unlikely to be a good strategy.

The Law of Cultural Proximity

This is good feedback, thank you. I found it hard to write this post for this exact reason - it seems obviously true, but there aren’t any good studies or natural experiments to point to. Perhaps it would have been better framed as a hypothesis in need of validation? Though I fear it feels too obvious for that, and nobody would be interested in validating it.

Reflective Complaints

I've started the conversion into a sequence here.

The principle of no non-Apologies

Not sure if this is the exact source you were thinking of, but your definition reminds me of https://whatever.scalzi.com/2013/04/15/apologies-what-when-and-how/

[Meta] Finding free energy in karma

Funny cross-thread coincidence, but I now think that maybe what I really noticed for point #2 is what you described here: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/4Gbv7tmJs3ADbhJX6/reflective-complaints?commentId=KtekbKMi6SSzsaw4H. Crossposts just do better than linkposts, not necessarily better than "original" posts.

Reflective Complaints

If I edit the existing post, will it end up in oblivion anyway because it's old now? Or does the clock restart when it gets promoted to frontpage? I can delete/recreate if that would be more effective.

Another thought: because it's 6k words, it might be worth splitting across a few posts and creating a sequence out of it. I don't see a way to do that in the editor, so it might require privileges? I'm also not sure if it would be appropriate for this or not.

edit: also (and this is getting quite far afield here) - I've been blogging for quite a while on rational-adjacent topics before I started posting here. I imagine a flood of cross-posts of previous work would be frowned upon, but also the line seems kind of blurry given that's exactly what this comment thread is already discussing.

Reflective Complaints

Yes, I didn’t have niceness fields intentionally in mind when I commented, but it is definitely the same idea.

Have you considered creating a link-post on lesswrong?

That was the first thing I did when I created an account here. It got no upvotes and did not get promoted to front page, so... maybe it was just too much to digest from somebody with no karma at the time?

Reflective Complaints

The good news is that the virtuous cycle here also works: I've found that if one person is consistently unusually virtuous in their conversations and arguments, a little bubble of sanity spreads around that person to everyone in the vicinity over time.

I have a much longer guide on how to do this practically, from before I posted on LW, but caveat is it's quite long and isn't really written for a LW audience: https://grandunifiedcrazy.com/2019/09/14/success-over-victory-conflict-resolution/

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