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Why Rationalists Shouldn't be Interested in Topos Theory

I've ran into this too, and I think that quasitopoi are also a dead-end for this sort of thing. I'm currently interested in linear logic as well!

Comment on "Endogenous Epistemic Factionalization"

I wonder if this would still happen if say, 1 in 1000 agents will randomly lie about their evidence (always in the same direction), and all agents start with the correct prior on trustworthiness and do the correct update when they disagree. I'd guess that there's some threshold percentage of untrustworthy agents above which you get factions, and below get convergence.

Looking at the picture of the factions, it looks like you can tell (fairly well at least) which corner is correct from the global structure. Maybe there's a some technique you can use in a more general situation to determine what what the correct combination of claims is based on what sort of factions (incl the most likely internal disagreements) are organized around them.

What are your greatest one-shot life improvements?

nope, they are two different problems with two different books recommended

What are your greatest one-shot life improvements?

The main emotion that was a problem was feeling very hurt/insecure by some perceived slight or something, which resulted in in the moment reactions, like crying or getting upset with someone

What are your greatest one-shot life improvements?

I solved the same problem by using Dvorak.

I really love my Ultimate Hacking Keyboard which looks pretty similar to the Ergodox EZ one.

What was your reasoning for deciding whether to raise children?

I've always loved being with kids and wanted my own to raise someday ever since childhood. It just feels like an inherently good and meaningful thing to do for me.

What are your greatest one-shot life improvements?

I used to have really strong emotions that could be triggered by trivial things, which caused both me and the people I was around a lot of suffering.

I managed to permanently stop this, reducing my emotional suffering by about 90%! I did this by resolving to completely own and deal with my emotions myself, and told relevant people about this commitment. Then I was just pretty miserable and lonely feeling for about 3 months, and then these emotional reactions just stopped completely without any additional effort. I think I permanently lowered my level of neuroticism by doing this.

What are your greatest one-shot life improvements?

I had bad carpal tunnel pain and RSI due to my coding job 3 years ago, to the point where it was very painful to type, and moderately painful all the time. I was worried I would have to find a new career.

I solved it by seeing David Bacome at Psoas in SF. After about 7 sessions the pain went away completely. He also taught me how to do some exercises to help prevent it from happening again, which I do whenever I start feeling lots of tension in my wrists. It hasn't been an issue since then, and I have no problem using a keyboard for both work and many of my hobbies.

What are your greatest one-shot life improvements?

A friend tells me that they would have a new cold sore every ~3 weeks during winter months. After reading this paper: they told the local pharmacist that they needed the chickenpox vaccine since they never had it as a child (which was a lie). Since then (about 3 years), they have only had one cold sore which was much milder than the previously typical ones.

As a side note: it seems to me like it would be worth trying this as a pre-exposure prophylactic for genital herpes if you have sex with multiple people.

Insights from Euclid's 'Elements'

I also find the long S super annoying, but it at least should be pretty easy to make a browser plugin or something to replace 'ſ' with 's' everywhere.

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